Appalachian Crawlers Club will going to always be in need of some support and by support it means donate. Please know that you are not required to donate by any means, as it is only option if you would like to support or to help Appalachian Crawlers Club to grow even larger by donating any amounts of dollars you don't mind giving to the Appalachian Crawlers Club. The funds will be solely used for the club related only such as:

  • Appalachian Crawlers Club Website - Server and domain costs, server is billed monthly and the domain is billed annually. Also the funds to be able to hire professionals such as graphic designers (branding or logos), the services of more features to be added onto the and many more that is relates to website building.

  • Events, Trips and Plannings - On occasionally if there are enough funds the Appalachian Crawlers Club will do some special events where we will be buying some foods for the halfway of trail riding to be either cooked or grilled for all of the members of the Appalachian Crawlers Club. Also other things that do with the events or trips planning.

  • Promote, Advertising and Awareness - We are in need of getting Appalachian Crawlers Club to be known by more people which this means the advertising or public relations to help to bring some sponsors which will also be a huge helpful on financial so that Appalachian Crawlers Club would not have to rely on gimmes or borrowing something.

  • Branding and Merchandising - Appalachian Crawlers Club also needs some help with the funds of getting some merchandises especially stockings, where Appalachian Crawlers Club will be looking to buy some t-shirts, hats, stickers, bracelet and more for the members of Appalachian Crawlers Club to wear proudly. In future it is possible that the supporters who donate funds to help Appalachian Crawlers Club to get some free items as gifts for appreciations in supporting Appalachian Crawlers Club.

  • More and Others - Many more reasons that Appalachian Crawlers Club are in needs of support, some of the reasons that are listed in here are just basics and there are plenty of more reasons that Appalachian Crawlers Club are in needs of support with funding.
  • You may support Appalachian Crawlers Club by donating via PayPal which is the safest payment processing online that there is, you don't need to register an account at PayPal just to donate as you can do so as a guest on PayPal by scroll down the PayPal donation page to where you see the line of saying "Don't have a PayPal Account?" under that you click the "Continue" link then there you will be able to donate without registering PayPal. All it needs is your basic information like any of others payments processing such as your name, address, credit card or debit card, email address and phone number which it should only take you no longer than two minutes if it is even that. As for the dollars amount to donate to support the Appalachian Crawlers Club is entirely up to you as it is not at fixed price so it is your choice of how much you would like to donate to help the club and we certainly appreciate for your support even if it means as dollar. Once you have donated, there will be a special message at the bottom of the PayPal donation page and there are supporters list at the bottom of the page here to let all of members of the club to know you have donated so we can appreciate so if you'd like to have your name on the donor page please leave a note in the special message to say that you'd like to be on the donor list of the club. Below here is PayPal donate button for you to donate by clicking the PayPal donate button where you will be taken to PayPal donate page and donate.

    Can I just donate by mail?

    Sure you can mail your donation, to mail your donation you can mail money only and please never send a check because mailing check is almost never safe. If the reason of wanting to send money in mail because you don't have credit cards or don't want to have interests on the credit card then use either debit card or prepaid credit card which can be found at your Wal-Mart store.

    Appalachian Crawlers Club
    P.O. Box 649
    Belfry, Ky 41514

    Appalachian Crawlers Club Supporters List

    To all of the names in the donor list that have donated to Appalachian Crawlers Club, please know that we all greatly appreciate and very thankful of your supports!